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A blog where I share my ultimate passion for modern soul music.

Here I will be focusing on sharing my love of this incredible music in the hope we can grow both the artist and the music.

The commercial radio stations are intent on promoting their own agenda of R&B music which in my humble opinion is a million miles from the soul music we all grew up listening too in the form of multi million selling artist like...

Luther Vandross, Teddy Pendergrass, Barry White, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye, Will Downing, Freddie Jackson, Karyn White, Lionel Ritchie....   

The list is endless.

The Stations will have us believe that soul music isn't being recorded whilst they push their nu era of soul-singers who simply couldn't hold a torch to the list above.


With so many great artist out there without a platform, I felt it necessary to highlight the wonderful roster of talent that is still in abundance, but just not getting  the spotlight.

So I will endeavour to keep bringing the music to your attention plus also highlight the radio stations and talented DJ's who shine their light on bringing us brand new soul music that is being ignored by the mass media. 

We will also bring you information on events and concerts that are happening here up and down the country. Some great upcoming events that will have us all falling back into LOVE with new and currant soul music and artist.

Yours Faithfully

Steve King



Over the weeks and months I will be adding new features

Anyone who truly knows me will already be aware that I am very forgetful, I sometimes forget what I was talking about whilst in mid conversation. To watch me trying to get out the door in a morning is comical. I would be late for my own funeral because I forget everything from glasses through to car keys. Ask Ged Morris about when I forgot to take clothes to a weekender. Unbelievable!!! So I wanted to create a place where I knew it would,t get misplaced or even worst, lost.

This was the inspiration behind building this blog/website. I would create something that worked for me. A one-stop place for all my music, some where I could put my stuff and not lose it or forget where I had put it. Because I find the older I get the more I forget. So if everything as its own place then I cannot lose it or more importantly forget it. PERFECT!!

For everyone who knows me, they know I am very passionate about two things Music and Food. Music was and still remains my first love. I always knew I wanted to be a presenter but didn't have the qualifications to be a broadcaster. But that's a story for another day. 

I am a professional Chef by trade and it is imperative that during busy times everything has to be in place making sure that everything runs efficiently, this will speed up service and guarantee both quality and consistency. We have a very simple rule in the kitchen , We call it K.I.S.S   Don't over complicate things. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Lets take your local pizza shop for a quick example. Imagine the chaos if when you ordered your favourite posh Cheese on toast, the chap had the sauce in one room, the cheese in another room, the ham in another room, I think you get the idea. You'd be waiting so long for your pizza you would probably walk away and never go back. 


Thus the reason I simply had to do this website. Put everything within arms length so it easy to find and access without too much effort. Ultimately give people a reason to start following great soul music AGAIN!!!  SO KISS... Everything all in a specific place, easy to find without any stress. 


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